Lady of Dreams - Act I - Atlantis

Into the literary universe, the character Din has a path took almost randomly, at the same time that Din and readers get into a magical universe from a not related time. Born in Atlantis, the protagonist reveals, by her Masters’ voices and her not conventional destiny, the principle of a great and hidden story which transcends time barriers, while divine and mythological creatures, parallel universes and secret societies are brought up in this first part of “Lady of Dreams” as an amalgam of our original world. A lack of the beginning of the universe, beheld through a fantastic and fictional optic. The authors, Din Rose and Gessony Pawlick Jr., developed a panorama using retro futurism, posting a sort of Steampunk concept to their characters.

Din Rose and Gessony Pawlick Jr. created a partnership capable of contributing to art’s most diversified fields, joining esthetic, content and melody together in a transmedia universe. The outcome of this union originates the fantastic world of “Lady of Dreams”, their first book, published as printed edition by the brazilian Giostri, and as an animated e-book, that includes both Gessony’s illustrations and songs of the album “Incredible World”, by Din Rose.